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Energy Price Rises – So how energy efficient is your home?

Even if you have recently had a new Boiler there are probably still things that can be done to improve the amount of gas that is being used and increase the comfort of your home with regards to being to hot or cold in certain areas.

The perfect example is the house I moved into years ago when the sellers said what a cold house it was.

There was a old wall mounted boiler which never seemed to turn off when the heating was on also the radiators were to small and in extremely bad locations in all of the rooms.

This was a system that had no thermostatic radiator valves on any of the radiators but even if they were fitted they would have been a waste of time as the house could never get to a descent temperature in the winter anyway!

The existing Boiler was installed years before by British Gas and was extremely undersized, the system was also covered by British Gas on one of their service contracts.

So I firstly chemically “power flushed ” the system installed a new condensing Boiler which was about double the power of the old Boiler and doubled the amount of radiators in the house many of which were also relocated. All of the radiators were fitted with good quality thermostatic valves and I also installed a wireless room thermostat so this enabled us to actually find the best location for it.

So the end result was a boiler which was twice as powerful, double the amount of radiators and a warm house and most amazing of all was about a third less gas consumption!

Since then I have installed a Nest learning room thermostat which has improved the efficiency even more.

So in most cases it’s possible to improve an existing central heating with regards to efficiency and comfort.

One thing that stops a lot of people replacing their old inefficient boiler is reliability and this is because they’re heard that new boilers are unreliable and don’t last as long. This does have some truth because as an experienced heating engineer I have seen lots of simply awful boilers installed that are both unreliable and don’t last long.

These are usually cheap boilers to buy and we have, as a company never installed these inferior products.

The good boilers are more expensive but really are extremely reliable and look like they will last many years.

We are now Worcester Bosch installers and the reason is because not only are the products extremely good, the customer service if in the unlikely event you need it, is second to none.

We can visit your property service your boiler and give you some extremely good free advice to improve your system. This will help offset energy price rises.