The 21st Century – don’t forget to upgrade the heating controls too

heating controls

So, how many central heating systems were installed years ago and still run with the same or similar heating controls that are long out of date and completely inefficient? Lots! Boilers have often been replaced for fuel efficiency but the available technology as regards control and effectiveness have been overlooked.

We recently installed Thermostatic radiator valves and a Nest Learning Room Thermostat on a system that had a new Condensing Boiler installed by British Gas less than 5 years ago and yet the control panel had been left!

The customer had no idea how inefficient the system still was and was completely unaware that the option of adding New Thermostatic Valves onto the existing radiators was even possible.

We also replaced the programmer and had to completely rewire the system because the existing wiring was in such poor condition and obviously hadn’t been touched for years.

The end result is an extremely happy customer who loves to be able to control and monitor her heating system from anywhere via her phone.  The cost of the improvements will pay for themselves with the savings on gas consumption and will then continue to save money on an ongoing basis.  Probably the most important thing to come out of this? COMFORT! Now the house is neither too hot nor too cold regardless to the outside temperature!

We offer a free survey to help bring your heating controls system into the 21st century, just drop us a line on or call the office on 01276 682752 and speak to the friendly helpful staff who will be happy to make a booking for Barry to call and make the necessary recommendations that will make your home efficient and comfortable.