Boiler Servicing and System Checking

boiler servicing

The importance of boiler servicing regularly is very often overlooked because there are misconceptions with regard to what is actually involved in annual servicing.

When we boiler servicing (depending on the make and model) we usually carry out a full strip down of the main burner and clean the combustion chamber.  We then check the emissions from the flue of the boiler to make sure its running with the optimum efficiency and in accordance with the guidelines.

A perfect example of this is that one of our engineers recently serviced two large condensing boilers installed side by side then, after cleaning the burners and heat exchanger flue ways, he checked the flue emissions with a gas flue analyser and found one of the boiler readings was off the scale!  He proceeded to strip the vertical flue system down and found a seal inside the flue had failed and needed to be replaced.

If you have a sealed central heating system it is also important to check the expansion vessel as this, more often than not, needs to be recharged to maintain the correct function.  If you have an open vented system it’s important to check the Header tank has got water in it and the level is correct.  Something that is very often overlooked on open vented systems is the inclusion of a corrosion inhibitor as this keeps the system clean and running efficiently.

A lot of companys (especially the big names like British Gas and Corgi) only check the emissions and if these are within in specific tolerances then they will not strip down the burner.  The consequences of this can be catastrophic as the combustion chamber seals do not get checked and can fail with dreadful results.

It’s probably more important to get a modern condensing Boiler serviced regularly, and to manufacturer’s instructions, rather than suffer the penalty.

So, if you would like a Boiler serviced and the system checked contact us by email on or call the office on 01276 682752 to arrange an appointment. Don’t leave it until you need your heating, be prepared!