Call on Certified Plumbers in Surrey for Your New Boiler Installation

Winter in the UK has been getting colder each year. This has led to an increased used of boilers in most homes, causing these boilers’ faster deterioration. Fortunately, the government and some green organizations are offering incentives to homeowners who install new boilers which meet certain criteria.

An article in lists down some of the available boiler replacement grants, including The Green Deal, Energy Supplier Grants, local government grants, and the Boiler Grants Scotland. The article further gives the following pointers on choosing and installing a new boiler for your home:

guide to getting a boiler grant
Once you’ve got the finance sorted for your new boiler, you need to choose the right one for your property; make sure that:

  • It’s A rated or at least 88% efficient on the SEDBUK scale.
  • You choose a condensing model – this is a legal requirement in the UK and all new boilers are condensing.
  • Your new boiler comes with proper heating controls for extra energy efficiency.
  • You hire a professional to fit your boiler. Look for a Gas Safe Registered engineer if you’re fitting a gas boiler, someone registered with OFTEC if you’re installing an oil-fired boiler or a qualified electrician if you need to install an electric boiler.

You can get many benefits from installing a new energy-efficient boiler, such as better reliability and ease of function; delivery of clean, potable water; and energy-efficiency that can help you save on your utility bills. However, you can only get optimal benefits from your new boiler if it has been properly installed by qualified plumbers in Surrey, such as those at The Plumber, Ltd.

A professional Surrey plumber would have the right credentials and qualifications, including registration in plumbing organisations such as the APHC and the CIPHE. Likewise, if your boiler involves gas, your plumber should be registered with Gas Safe; and a City and Guild Craft certificate, or an Advanced Craft Certificate will guarantee that he has competed the right training for the job. It is also important to work with a plumber that has a track record of compliance with standard building and water regulations.

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