Central Heating maintenance

A lot of people like to have a central heating maintenance contract, e.g. British Gas or similar. This is because they think this is an economic way to maintain their systems and it gives them peace of mind that, in the event of a breakdown they can get things working again quickly.

In reality, this is very rarely true. It can be a very expensive way of maintaining your heating system. It is really just insurance and quite expensive insurance at that.

We have lots of customers that we only see once a year to service their boiler and check the system and controls. They pay us for this full service and if anything does go wrong they know we provide a fast response and get things working again very quickly. The average cost of a central heating maintenance contract (after any special introductory offer) is about £250 a year which is about £150 a year more than just our full service. So, in just 4 years, £600 is spent on the maintenance contract, which is usually much more than you are likely to spend on any repairs. In fact, if there are no breakdowns then all of that £600 is money in your pocket!

Through advertising, the public have also been lead to believe that if their central heating breaks down it is an EMERGENCY! It’s not an emergency, it’s an inconvenience, so they advertise an out of hours service. However, in reality, when the engineer does visit out of hours they usually have to come back when they get the spare that is needed anyway.

Our customers know that if they get any problems with their central heating, they can rely on us to get it fixed quickly.

Another thing our customers know is that we also carry out plumbing repairs so very often not only do we service their boiler we also repair leaks, overflows, toilets filling slowly, blocked sinks and many other plumbing repairs and very often at no extra charge.

The one thing that we do not say to our customers, is that they should have a new Boiler, when there should be many years left in their existing one. As long as it is reliable, there is no real need to replace it.

Did you know that there is very often a cash incentive for the engineer to persuade a customer to replace their boiler.

We pride ourselves on providing a good service with polite well trained staff. Our staff are responsible for this and will always make sure, you the customer, are satisfied with our service.