Cut your gas consumption

So have you or anyone you know got a huge old boiler in your home that you or they think is so good because it is so reliable and never let them down?

Well I’ve got news for them, it is letting them down every time they use it quite simply because of the amount of gas it’s using!

In fact a new Boiler would pay for itself according to the size of the system within a few years. So if we power flush the system install a new energy efficient condensing boiler with modern energy saving controls we can cut your gas consumption for hot water and central heating by up to 60%. Not only will you save money you will be able to have a home which isn’t either too hot or too cold in any area.

There are still many systems that over heat the hot water! With a modern system you can control the temperature of the water so you don’t have to worry about old people or children scalding themselves.

Vaillant Bolier

So what boiler do you install?

Well like most things in life things are usually cheap for a reason, and this can really apply to Boilers. In my opinion there has been quite a few boilers sold in this country in the last 20 years that should never have been installed due to poor design and low quality. In fact thousands and thousands of terrible boilers have been installed by installers who are rewarded by manufactures with gifts and trips away!

We have been installing Vaillant Boilers for nearly 30 years for one reason only and that’s from a engineer’s point of view they are the best. They are manufactured to a high standard, Vaillant are always developed and tested to a high standard and are easy to fault find and repair when they do rarely go wrong. We are still servicing many Vaillant boilers that we have installed over 20 years ago!!


So for a no obligation estimate to bring your heating system into the 21st century and save money, call and make an appointment. We can offer lots of choices with different types of systems to suit the needs of your home.


Barry Godfrey

MIPHE RP Director