How Experienced Plumbers in Surrey Can Help Flooded Homes in Egham

Flooding has caused devastation to residents of Egham, as well as a string of inconveniences related to plumbing. Eleanor Davis of Get Surrey depicts a common neighbourhood situation:

Flooded Homes

“Mother-of-two Lavinia Hennessy returned to her house in The Avenue to find her sewage system blocked with waste from a neighbouring property. “We came back because my five-year-old son got scared when he heard about looters on the news and said they might steal his toys,” she said.

Since returning with him and her seven-month old baby, Mrs. Hennessy has been able to flush the toilet only once a day, emptying dirty water into the garden.

“I haven’t washed for a week and a half and have been washing my baby with muslin and water,” she said.

“The council has put portable toilets outside the house but they are facing the road and used by builders and drunk people at night. I’m not sending my son out there.”

Next-door neighbour Wendy Stuart said toilets, sinks, showers, baths and washing machines were out of use.”

Hennessy and Stuart are faced with numerous blockage dilemmas. Water is coming up places where it shouldn’t be, leading to various complications. Sewer drain clogs are not only unsanitary but also dangerous.

In general, blockages are serious drain problems; sometimes, a flood need not occur for one to arise. Signs of blockage include difficulty in flushing the loo, water’s slow escape from the sink, stench and water accumulating on surfaces like the patio, and subsidence.

At times like these, it is important to leave the work to experienced plumbers in Surrey or the nearby areas. While it helps to have some knowledge of plumbing repairs, so you can address minor issues, you have to entrust problems that threaten both your house’s facilities and your family’s health to well-equipped professionals.

Noted plumbers in Surrey like The Plumber ABS offer services that go beyond fixing blockages. These folks employ today’s trusted industry practices and utilise modern tools to address everything from leaks to burst pipes, broken valves to tank overflows.

Don’t wait for a flood to cause major problems in your homes. Once you suspect it could happen, call a professional plumber to help you prepare for it.

(Source: Residents living in squalid flooded homes, Get Surrey, 27 February 2014)