Getting a Plumber in Camberley to Install an Energy-efficient Boiler

Vehicle insurance comes in handy if one suddenly meets an accident and shatters his or her windscreen while on the way to the cinema. With auto insurance, he or she can have a car ready to get back on the road in no time. However, is insurance to cover boiler breakdown repair costs just as useful? This is something that writer Sarah Pennells of tried to shed a light on in an article dated February 3, 2013:

Is it worth it?

If you have little by way of savings, so you couldn’t afford it if your boiler went wrong, breakdown cover could be useful. But, after talking to a number of plumbers, you may be better off buying a reliable boiler, fitting a magnetic filter (and scale reducer, if you’re in a hard water area) and getting it serviced every year.”

As of present time, boiler cover in the United Kingdom amounts to about 300 pounds per year. Camberley locals who have a lot of wealth in store may likely not have an issue with obtaining boiler cover. However, those who feel their finances are limited should think twice before getting boiler cover or maybe think of ways how they can afford boiler cover.

Getting a Plumber in Camberley to Install an Energy-efficient Boiler

Having an energy-efficient heating system with the help of a Camberley plumber offering boiler update services can be effective in minimizing boiler use costs. One way to have an energy-efficient boiler is to have a reliable plumber like one from The Plumber, Advanced Boiler Specialists, install a powerflush system. A powerflush is basically a pump device that’s connected to the boiler to remove build-up of rust and sludge.

Another way that Camberley plumbers can make boilers more energy-efficient than before is to fit a thermostat to control hot water temperature. Another step is to fit an insulation jacket around the tank to retain the ideal temperature for hot water. Both of these efforts can save locals at least 70 pounds per year, which they can use for boiler cover money and maybe even shop and dine at The Atrium, a new development in the area.

With the high costs of boiler cover and boiler use (in general), locals can definitely use some cost-cutting measures in their household. One effective way to save more money is to have an energy-efficient boiler with help from boiler specialists.

(Source: Savvy Money: Boiler breakdown cover… Is it worth it?,, February 3, 2013)