Keeping Plumbing Systems in Good Shape with Help of Plumbers in Surrey

Homes need maintenance to keep them in good condition. However, the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC) emphasizes that aged homes— specifically those older than ten years— will need more maintenance than those built in the last ten years or so. Among the things that owners of homes ten years old or more should look into are their heating system, smoke detectors, and of course, plumbing.

“Plumbing: Dripping pipes and taps waste vast amounts of water and can also create significant internal damage. Thoroughly check your plumbing system and, if necessary, contact a qualified plumber to make repairs.”

It’s not that difficult for homeowners in Surrey to know if their plumbing systems are in dire straits. One good indication is when there’s rusty water coming out of their garden hoses. Should they see that, Surrey homeowners can consider calling on reliable plumbers in Surrey to help them out.

Keeping Plumbing Systems in Good Shape with Help of Plumbers in Surrey

Rusty water is among the most common problems that homeowners are forced to deal with. Over time, pressure fluctuations in water pipes cause the rust to loosen and come into contact with the water, giving it a brown hue. Fortunately, to solve rusty water problems, homeowners can call on their trusted plumbers to conduct an inspection of corroded pipes in the system and determine which will need replacement, preferably with copper pipes this time.

Still, a professional plumber in Surrey isn’t always required for plumbing troubles. For instance, if homeowners encounter a clogged drain in their kitchen sink or bathroom sink, they won’t even need a plumbing snake to clear the drain. All these homeowners have to do is grab an old coat hanger, straighten it, bend a small hook at the end using a set of pliers, and then poke it in the drain until it grasps the blockage.

A running toilet is also something that homeowners can easily fix. This problem is typically caused by a faulty ball assembly or a faulty flapper, which will simply have to be replaced. However, issues like a boiler not generating hot water should be reserved for professional plumbing services from trusted companies like The Plumber.

Owners of older homes should know that their plumbing systems need extra care and attention. Problems like clogged drains are something that homeowners can easily fix. Meanwhile, boiler troubles should be left to the professionals.

(Source: Top home maintenance tips from NHBC for new and old homes,, June 8, 2012)