On Plumbing and the Weather: Choosing Qualified Plumbers in Camberley

An article recently published on The Independent talks about the increase in the need for plumbing services, now that most of the UK is experiencing very cold weather. The low temperatures have been causing residents in Camberley and elsewhere to increase the use of their boilers, which has resulted to a 72% spike in boiler-related problems. To save on repair costs, many homeowners have resorted to choosing plumbers based on their service fees, without looking into the providers’ qualifications or experience:

“New research shows that two-thirds of people choose a plumber on cost, without worrying if they are registered with an approved contractors’ scheme or have any professional credentials.”

The article goes further to discuss the consequences of such decisions:

“It’s estimated that Britons have been forced to stump up £2.6bn to pay for work to rectify botched plumbing jobs.

“Furthermore, there are the safety implications. Water safety in the home is of paramount importance, and by using a dodgy tradesman, homeowners are not considering the risk that contaminated water poses,” said Mr Wellman.”

Plumbing mistakes can lead to even more serious problems than the mere discomfort of residents. They can cause leaks and moisture build-up, as well as water contamination, which can then result in illnesses among the residents.

cold weather brings warning of rise in dodgy plumbers
To make sure that you work only with qualified plumbers in Camberley, check out providers’ track records, trade memberships, and certifications from reputable organizations. These will help guarantee that you will be getting quality service for the money you pay.

A certified plumber in Camberley, such as those at The Plumber, Ltd, would have completed the requisite training and met the standard criteria for proper accreditation. Likewise, you can expect qualified plumbers to be transparent and highly professional, leaving your property in good condition after they have completed the job. Reliable plumbing companies can also be called in for emergency repairs any time you need them.

(Source: Cold weather brings warning of rise in dodgy plumbers. The Independent 11, Oct. 2013)