Updating Boiler Systems with a Valliant-Certified Camberley Plumber

Energy bills continue to rise, and UK homeowners are becoming more aware that they must take steps to lessen their utility costs. Moreover, with the government’s energy policy initiating to cut down carbon emissions, more people are now looking for other ways to heat their homes without damaging the planet.

Boiler Firm

Renewable heating technologies are becoming the most popular way of providing efficient heating for homes, and helping reduce carbon footprints. A British boiler system manufacturer that offers such equipment is featured in an article from Belper News, published last February 27, 2014:

“Belper heating technology manufacturer Vaillant has joined some of the world’s most recognisable and reputable brands – including British Airways, Google and Apple – in achieving “Superbrand” status.

Mark Derbyshire, Commercial Director at Vaillant said: “This accolade cements Vaillant’s position as one of the most successful and best-known heating brands in the world. Vaillant has been setting standards in the heating market now for 140 years and we continue to work hard to maintain this position, investing continuously in product, service and manufacturing innovation.

In January, Vaillant was awarded the Sustainable Manufacturing Award at the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards in London in recognition of its sustainable business strategy.

The plant now manufactures every boiler using less energy and water and creating less waste and carbon emissions than ever before as part of its S.E.E.D.S (Sustainability in Environment, Employees, Development & Products and Society) programme.”

On the forefront of technology and progressive thinking, Vaillant serves as a great example for many companies, as well as workers in the field of piping and heating, like plumbers in Camberley. The company, which not only implements sustainable business practices but also fabricates environmentally friendly products, is committed to spreading awareness of ecologically balanced heating and hot water solutions.

Modifying existing heating systems to make them more eco-friendly requires experience and expertise, and Valliant is helping plumbing professionals and local authorities with the process through in-depth instruction and comprehensive training. Each training course is an opportunity for plumbing professionals to specialise in modernising heating systems and adding up-to-date controls to make them more energy- and resource-efficient.

Homeowners wishing to update their home boiler systems to save money on energy bills should seek the assistance of a Camberley plumber certified by Vaillant, like the ones from The Plumber ABS. Only an approved plumbing professional can ensure a proficiently installed and upgraded home boiler system, resulting in a more dynamic, cost-effective home.

(Source: Boiler firm breaks records, Belper News, 27 February 2014)